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Best Times

This is 100% true.

When I think back to the easiest time in my life, I can tell why it was easy and how my soul alignment looks. I can see easily where I made choices that took me out of alignment. It’s very interesting.

My senior year in high school, and my freshman year in college were my easy years. Granted, life hadn’t started throwing the hard decisions at me yet. But that’s why it’s so easy to see where I made aligned choices and choices that took me out of alignment. Because I was a blank slate.

My parents always supported me, but they never fixed my problems for me. They would listen, and then ask what I thought I should do. It frustrated me at the time because I really just wanted them to tell me what to do. I am now so grateful they didn’t. I do this for my kids, although I make sure to explain why I’m not fixing their problems for them. My parents were just raising me the way they had been raised.

I know now, that I need a group of exercise friends. It used to be gymnastics buddies, now it’s a yoga class. I don’t need them to “hold me accountable” I need them to just be around, to support me. Life has shown me that “tough love” people aren’t my people. Not because I need coddling, but because so many people get tough love wrong. They get their ego involved.

I realize now, that ego has always led to decisions that take me out of alignment. I dumped my high school boyfriend because my college friends made me feel embarrassed about him. My subconscious translated this to I’m not worthy of picking true friends. I deserve friends who act purely from ego. I can see how that choice tainted my decisions for a long time.

Exercise was something else I gave up during my freshman year. I convinced myself I didn’t have time. This excuse lasted for 10 years. And the universe gave me a bunch of proof that I didn’t have time for exercise…. which translated to I didn’t have time for me. I wasn’t worthy of making time for myself.

This is clearly a very simplified explanation of how I got to the subconscious conclusion that “I’m not worthy”, but trust me when I say that I have carried this belief for 25 years. It was a VERY powerful belief.

It took totally separating myself from EVERYONE (except my kids) to get to the bottom of this. It didn’t come to me that this was my subconscious belief until 2 years ago. But as soon as I recognized it things started shifting. Suddenly and drastically.

I can still see how that stain creeps back up in my life. Knowing it’s there helps, but it still causes chaos at times. Every time the chaos comes to the surface, I grab my stain stick and go to work erasing the damage.

So…. I challenge you to go back to the happiest, easiest time in your life. Where it REALLY felt like you had a sunbeam shining on you all the time. Write down what you had in your life then. Then slowly go through time and pinpoint where the sunbeam seemed to dim, and then dim more and still more. What choice did you make? How does that play out?

Next, get quiet. Meditate on that choice, ask how it was translated by your subconscious. In my case it sometimes helps to open a book randomly and see what line pops out. You can also quickly flick your Facebook or Instagram feed and see what meme pops out at you. Then see if this subconscious belief has left a stain on you that causes the chaos and dims the sunbeam.

I think you will be shocked.

If you want a reading to explain more, message me!

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My fear trigger

I have realized that overly friendly people trigger me to run more than snakes, spiders or rats. I’m like a feral cat when someone wants to make plans. I kinda want the pets… but I also want to hide under the nearest couch.

The reason this happens is that I recently did a 180 in the trajectory of my life. I realized I was 100% on the wrong path and one day I made a BIG change. It caught EVERYONE off guard. I consulted no one, I just did it. It was the best decision of my life.

What I was NOT prepared for was the dissonance in my relationships with friends. I quickly realized who my friends were and weren’t. Most made it very clear which side of my decision they were on. Those were the easy ones to let go of.

The harder relationships were the people who acted supportive, but who I could no longer tolerate. I felt guilty cutting them out or keeping them at arms length. It took me a LONG time to realize that I couldn’t tolerate them, because we weren’t in the same space vibrationally. They were supportive, which was great, but their decisions and comments were just not in alignment with me any more.

Now, when I meet people, I’m never sure if they are a test from the universe to see if I stand by my new self, or if I’m attracting them because they are part of my new path. I have realized this hesitation is ok. There is nothing wrong with taking time to get to know someone.

I have also realized that people have lost this art. They no longer have acquaintances. They feel like if they don’t spark with you immediately, then you aren’t their person.

Society is losing the deep connection. And I think this is why I’m like a feral cat when I meet people. I can’t do fake. I can’t do shallow. And I sure as hell will never allow toxic vampires in again.

So, if you are like me… it’s ok. It’s ok to take time before you spend extra time with people. It’s ok to not tell them your story. It’s not lying by omission. It’s simply preserving your authenticity until you know they deserve to see your brilliance.

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Life should be like Cheesecake

It should be so amazing that if you fall on your face, you STILL love it so much you would eat it off a community hallway. Life really is meant to be THAT amazing.

Now…. don’t feel overwhelmed. I’m not saying you need to win a Pulitzer, or Nobel Peace prize… but you should be so in love with the people and things in your life that nothing can get you down… for long. There should always be a flame of excitement no matter how gray a day you are having.

If there are people that constantly NEG you. You know the people. Backhanded compliments. Make sure to keep you “grounded”. Constantly bring up those things that you said in a low moment. Those people. Keep those people at arms length, and whatever you do, don’t tell them your dreams. They will make sure to tell you all the reasons you can’t have it. Stay away from them.

If there are parts of your job you don’t like, decide to make them fun. If you can’t, find a new job. Life is too short to spend 8 hours a day feeling like life is being sucked from you.

Basically, make sure all the parts of your life light you up. And if they don’t, make it so they do.

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Your Unique Genius

If you are like me, the hardest question on an interview is “Why should we hire you, what sets you apart from the rest?” I know I have talent. But when I’m put on the spot, I really don’t know what puts me in the Genius Zone.

Add to it the confusion with how manifesting works, and no wonder people spin their wheels. No wonder so many businesses fail. We do what we are told we SHOULD do, but we are never taught to use our unique talents and perspectives.

The people that get ahead in life are the few who just happen to excel at the classes our school system teaches OR they are lucky enough to have parents who tel them to follow their passion and money will follow. But in general, the majority of us are not told or taught that.

This is why the majority of people live lives that are “fine”.

Soul realignment readings have shown me how very unique all of us are. How we can have two people with the same idea on paper, and the process and outcome are actually totally different for manifesting it and producing it. Our intentions really are as unique as our fingerprint, but traditional school systems and the need to make our families proud inhibits is from following our dreams.

Get a reading and you will see what your natural genius is meant to be. You will understand whether you are a fish trying to climb a tree, or a bird trying to swim (and some birds can swim). But a reading will help you understand where you will thrive and the way you thrive.

So, sign up for a reading, and unlock your potential. I only need your full name, date and place of birth. It’s very similar to an astrological reading, but goes a step further in that it tells you what you are doing that is in contradiction of your talents. These are things you likely don’t even think twice about.

Remember, we are raised by people, doing their best, who barely understand how their natural talents work, much less how this little human’s do.

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Need a reading?!

My little kitty is clearly confused. That is Archie… trying to nurse on his brother Mj. Clearly this isn’t going to work. Archie will not manifest what he wants despite doing all the thinking work and the doing. Archie does this often. Mj has given up fighting and just lets him.

Are you trying to squeeze milk out of a non producing entity? Are you constantly trying “new” things and getting the same results? You could probably use a reading.

What my readings do is help you understand what manifesting is, how you manifest most productively and how your current plans can be tweaked to fit your natural talents the best.

Additionally, I will tell you want your most natural soul level gifts are and what blocks and restrictions are present that you have been perpetuating through choices. Basically, what learned behaviors and coping mechanisms are blocking you from making your life the way you want it.

My readings won’t magically manifest you $1,000,000.00 but it will help you focus your attention and open your mind to possibilities that you might have been overlooking. My reading WILL help you see the unlocked door in the wall you’ve been ramming your head in to.

Readings are $120.00 and take about an hour on the phone to receive the reading. Once I receive your payment via PayPal, all I need from you is your full name, birth date and birth place.

If you have an intention you are working toward you can let me know in that initial email and I can make suggestions on ways to tweak it to fit your soul blueprint. Otherwise I can give you a general reading that you can use as a filter when making your changes and plans for life.

I start working on the reading after I receive payment and your information and will schedule a reading day that works for both our schedules. I can almost always accommodate a reading within a week of receiving payment.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to set up a reading and stop wasting your time squeezing milk from a turnip… or your overly laid back brother kitty….

**and! If you refer a friend, who signs up for a reading, I will give you $10.00! So, refer 12 people and get a free reading! 🤪

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Are you Productive?

Are you manifesting productively? Do you find yourself confused about your intentions or your next step? Do you change your intentions more often than you brush your teeth? It’s probably because you are doing what you have been told you should do, but what doesn’t work for your unique makeup.

Similar to an astrology reading, you have multiple aspects of your soul’s personality that equate to you having a unique way of manifesting. Following others instructions MAY work, but there is an equal chance that what they do, won’t work for you.

For instance, the first characteristic of the blueprint is Similarity/Contrast. I am similarity and my husband is contrast. That means that all my super helpful advice that I have been trying to give him really isn’t ever going to work for him. I can fake it till I make it. I can surround myself with experiences similar to what I want (like a drink at a super nice hotel bar).

HE has to take TOTALLY new action to garner new result. He won’t even really see what he wants in his current state at all. He will notice what he doesn’t want or who he’s not like and strive to do differently. For him, at that nice bar with me, he would notice that he DOESN’T want to be that exhausted salesman at the bar who has clearly been on the road for too long.

There are 7 of these characteristics that make up your blueprint. And when combined together and taking your soul profile into account, you can get a very clear picture of what steps will lead you to manifesting the life you want and not the Pinterest fail you have been getting.

Sign up for a reading now! I know it will help you as much as it has helped me. And now that I understand, has helped my husband!