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Second guessing

All three cats In this picture are sure things will be fine. Only mama kitty (the one on the railing) was right. The two sons were fine, but remembered mama doesn’t take their shit. This is how you handle doubt.

I’ve had multiple scenarios where people have been second guessing themselves lately. While it’s ok to critically question your beliefs when challenged. One should refrain from seeking outside validation for internal knowledge.

For instance. I’ve had people ask me for my opinion even though her gut tells her the truth. They regularly seek outside opinions, even though they can obtain the info herself.

I get it. I really do. But the universe can only answer your intentions. Not your questions. Your intentions. So when you ask something out of doubt. You are going to be given more doubt.

You need to take control, and say “cut that shit out! I’m the creator of my existence! Will _____ work for me!” And go with the first answer you get.

Go with your gut. Do so repeatedly until the universe understands you mean business. You aren’t here to be messed with. YOU are in control!

Cats don’t doubt themselves, so why should you?!