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Your Unique Genius

If you are like me, the hardest question on an interview is “Why should we hire you, what sets you apart from the rest?” I know I have talent. But when I’m put on the spot, I really don’t know what puts me in the Genius Zone.

Add to it the confusion with how manifesting works, and no wonder people spin their wheels. No wonder so many businesses fail. We do what we are told we SHOULD do, but we are never taught to use our unique talents and perspectives.

The people that get ahead in life are the few who just happen to excel at the classes our school system teaches OR they are lucky enough to have parents who tel them to follow their passion and money will follow. But in general, the majority of us are not told or taught that.

This is why the majority of people live lives that are “fine”.

Soul realignment readings have shown me how very unique all of us are. How we can have two people with the same idea on paper, and the process and outcome are actually totally different for manifesting it and producing it. Our intentions really are as unique as our fingerprint, but traditional school systems and the need to make our families proud inhibits is from following our dreams.

Get a reading and you will see what your natural genius is meant to be. You will understand whether you are a fish trying to climb a tree, or a bird trying to swim (and some birds can swim). But a reading will help you understand where you will thrive and the way you thrive.

So, sign up for a reading, and unlock your potential. I only need your full name, date and place of birth. It’s very similar to an astrological reading, but goes a step further in that it tells you what you are doing that is in contradiction of your talents. These are things you likely don’t even think twice about.

Remember, we are raised by people, doing their best, who barely understand how their natural talents work, much less how this little human’s do.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

Need a reading?!

My little kitty is clearly confused. That is Archie… trying to nurse on his brother Mj. Clearly this isn’t going to work. Archie will not manifest what he wants despite doing all the thinking work and the doing. Archie does this often. Mj has given up fighting and just lets him.

Are you trying to squeeze milk out of a non producing entity? Are you constantly trying “new” things and getting the same results? You could probably use a reading.

What my readings do is help you understand what manifesting is, how you manifest most productively and how your current plans can be tweaked to fit your natural talents the best.

Additionally, I will tell you want your most natural soul level gifts are and what blocks and restrictions are present that you have been perpetuating through choices. Basically, what learned behaviors and coping mechanisms are blocking you from making your life the way you want it.

My readings won’t magically manifest you $1,000,000.00 but it will help you focus your attention and open your mind to possibilities that you might have been overlooking. My reading WILL help you see the unlocked door in the wall you’ve been ramming your head in to.

Readings are $120.00 and take about an hour on the phone to receive the reading. Once I receive your payment via PayPal, all I need from you is your full name, birth date and birth place.

If you have an intention you are working toward you can let me know in that initial email and I can make suggestions on ways to tweak it to fit your soul blueprint. Otherwise I can give you a general reading that you can use as a filter when making your changes and plans for life.

I start working on the reading after I receive payment and your information and will schedule a reading day that works for both our schedules. I can almost always accommodate a reading within a week of receiving payment.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you want to set up a reading and stop wasting your time squeezing milk from a turnip… or your overly laid back brother kitty….

**and! If you refer a friend, who signs up for a reading, I will give you $10.00! So, refer 12 people and get a free reading! 🤪

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

Are you Productive?

Are you manifesting productively? Do you find yourself confused about your intentions or your next step? Do you change your intentions more often than you brush your teeth? It’s probably because you are doing what you have been told you should do, but what doesn’t work for your unique makeup.

Similar to an astrology reading, you have multiple aspects of your soul’s personality that equate to you having a unique way of manifesting. Following others instructions MAY work, but there is an equal chance that what they do, won’t work for you.

For instance, the first characteristic of the blueprint is Similarity/Contrast. I am similarity and my husband is contrast. That means that all my super helpful advice that I have been trying to give him really isn’t ever going to work for him. I can fake it till I make it. I can surround myself with experiences similar to what I want (like a drink at a super nice hotel bar).

HE has to take TOTALLY new action to garner new result. He won’t even really see what he wants in his current state at all. He will notice what he doesn’t want or who he’s not like and strive to do differently. For him, at that nice bar with me, he would notice that he DOESN’T want to be that exhausted salesman at the bar who has clearly been on the road for too long.

There are 7 of these characteristics that make up your blueprint. And when combined together and taking your soul profile into account, you can get a very clear picture of what steps will lead you to manifesting the life you want and not the Pinterest fail you have been getting.

Sign up for a reading now! I know it will help you as much as it has helped me. And now that I understand, has helped my husband!

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

Karmic Entanglement

I have done a lot of reading on dealing with toxic people. The advice that is out there is usually based around the idea that other people can do things to you, making you the victim. That in order to stay healthy, you need to cut these toxic people out. This places you in a victimization pattern. Cutting people out also keeps you from healing your karmic entanglements.

If these toxic people weren’t hitting your triggers, you would either not notice them, or think they were ridiculous and go on with your day. The ONLY reason they are TOXIC to you, is that you have an energetic entanglement with them or this kind of situation. You will continue to attract this pattern, until you recognize the energy for what it is, take ownership of your part in it, and unwind the entanglement.

One of my triggers is judgement. When I feel judged, something inside me immediately reacts. I see red, and I respond without thinking. I’m working to get to the root of this entanglement. What I have figured out so far is I have a pattern of not feeling worthy. I’m not at the root yet. But it here’s where it gets fun, and hard.

I have quickly come to realize that I have to untangle my karmic entanglements if I want to carry on with a productive life. You can’t cut off everyone who triggers you, nor should you swallow your hurt and anger to just get along. The environment that needs to change, is your karmic entanglements… basically your head/heart.

Karmic patterns can come from your lifetime, past lives, family, or society at large. This is where akashic record readings come in to help a LOT. By tracing the entanglement back, you can see the individual patterns clearly, and then pin point how many times it’s reoccurred.

Past life energetic entanglements are karmic patterns that originated in a previous incarnation and were carried through to this one. Generally it’s a self imposed restriction due to some traumatic event. The world used to be kill or be killed, so we had to make hard choices to survive. These choices act as a stain on our karma until we recognize them and let them go. (Or get a stain stick and scrub that bitch out)

Familial patterns are basically beliefs that have been handed down over generations (money is the root of all evil, the rich are evil, women can’t make it on their own). They aren’t true, but have just always been accepted as true.

Societal karma is also how it sounds. It is beliefs that society hands you, and you accept as true.

An interesting example of familial karma is actually most obvious in my cats. Mama kitty HATES my blonde dog. Totally doesn’t mind my bigger, smellier, more obnoxious German Shepherd. But HATES my sweet unassuming, gentle blonde.

Her kittens have also hated Heidi. Bo (the shepherd) will lay down and they will snuggle in to him. Heidi walks by and they all scatter or hiss. This has actually carried on to the kittens in their new homes. They all HATE blonde dogs in their new environments, while being ok with other dogs.

See how that irrational belief has carried through? Granted, it’s VERY basic. But basic proof helps you see more complex instances.

My guess, is that my entanglement with judgment and feeling unworthy comes from my moms side of the family. My great great grandma was left by her mogul husband for another woman and was treated poorly by the small town where she lived. She was treated as if she wasn’t good enough for him, so isn’t good enough for anyone else.

This pattern carried through to my great grandmother who tolerated an alcoholic husband, and to my grandmother who tolerated cheating. Both tolerated this behavior because they did not feel worthy of better. This lack of worthiness caused them to make the choice to keep quiet, allow abuse and humiliation, because it was better to have the facade of perfection, rather than the judgement of others.

To some extent my mother perpetuated this. She constantly insisted my sister and I not leave the house without make up, without being dressed well. If we made a mistake, we were told we’d have to tell our grandparents, as if a mistake was some horrible thing.

Triggers, toxic people are a blessing because they help you become more self aware. The bigger the struggle, the bigger the step forward.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

What goes around, comes around

I have always known this saying to be true. I’ve also always known about karma. It feels like I knew about these fundamental truths before I even knew the words. Until recently I really couldn’t explain it to anyone if they had asked. I just would repeat “what goes around comes around”.

As the universe does, it gave me the tools I needed when I was ready to use them. It put my friends podcast on my feed “shit happens”. In this she discusses how if you are having a hard time hearing your intentions, warm up your heart. And do so by thinking of a non controversial, favorite thing. In my case…. my cat lol… he is simple and sweet and silly.

I was like cool! I get this concept totally.

Then I found the book by Mellisa Feick.

In this book she talks about how all the plains intersect.

So many people talk about levels and spirals etc etc. but in this book it was the first time I had read about toroidal fields as applied to karma.

She goes on to state that the hearts toroidal field is the strongest. It LITERALLY works as one. Blood pumps out, goes to all parts of your body and then comes back and the process starts again. Now imagine your intentions doing this. Starting in your heart, not your head. Your head adds ego. But your heart is where true, pure intentions come from. But it’s also where you hold scars your head has told you to get over.

Now imagine your feelings about relationships. What does your head say? “They are great and I am doing everything I can to get one.. only positive thoughts here!”

But your heart knows all the times you have been hurt deeply and is probably guarding your true intentions a little.

So picture this as you really think about hurts your mind/ego have shoved down deep… and picture the intention moving from your heart- out into the universe like this.

Re read that last paragraph, and look at this field again. It’s mind blowing huh?

This is the missing link that I never really got until this weekend.

This is why intentions get muddled from thought to fruition. If they are sent from your head, you think clearly send it out then wonder why what you ordered either isn’t coming, or is like those Pinterest fails you see on Facebook.

Your poor heart is being overlooked and pushed aside by your mind. But since the toroidal field STARTS at your heart center, the hearts whispers have a part in how the intention reverberates our and therefore is amplified when it comes back.

So. Listen to the whisper you hear when your sending your intention.

Mind/ego; “Relationships?! They are great and I am doing everything I can to get one.. only positive thoughts here!”

Heart: “But I have been hurt every time I’ve truly let someone get to know me, so I’m going to hang back”

This is also where my readings in the akashic records are going to benefit more! I have been able to tell people what the karmic patterns are that their soul is ready to heal. And now I can explain coherently why these patterns keep showing up! They are hidden I. Their hearts/subconscious.. and are then magnified!

Now to heal these patterns, you need to fully understand the choices you made that lead to the occurrence. Being a victim will not allow you to change the pattern. This is in no way saying you are to blame for what happened to you. This isn’t about blame, it’s about empowerment.

By taking ownership of your part in how the occurrence happened… and then FULL ownership of the choices you have made since, allows you to make new choices. By making new choices, you are able to alter the pattern.

You can not change what happened, but you can change how you let it affect you, how you are triggered now and how you will make choices in the future. You can then choose to take the lesson forward in life, allowing you to let go of the negativity surrounding what happened.

In sever traumatic cases, seeking a counselor is recommended. Doing this step is a step toward changing the pattern. You are recognizing that you need help, You are taking ownership of how you feel, and you are taking action to change the future.