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The Bagua

I’ve had a crazy busy week. Normally, I check the cat boxes and food daily. I realized I hadn’t looked at them since Monday, which means my daughter was in charge without supervision…… and that’s why the shit hit the fan… literally and figuratively.

My cat boxes are in my wealth area of my house. It is the only place that made sense and was out of the way. I made this work by making sure they were well kept and the surrounding area was cleaned every day. For two years this has been fine, until this week.

This week has been a cluster of forgotten payments, overdrafts, unexpected expenses and set backs. I was like w….t….f…..!!!!

Then I came home to my daughter gagging. Yeah, a cat must have EXPLODED. All over the cat box area. It was gross. And it clearly happened yesterday…. in my defense, I came home and went to bed yesterday.

Yesterday was when the catalyst happened and today just got worse.

Am I saying feung Shui magically caused my problems? No. But I am showing that there is a connection that can’t be denied.

If you want to figure out what problems you are having look at your house. Do you have clutter built up? Are you shoving crap in drawers and closets? Are you neglecting cleaning? Look at what bagua area falls in your problem area and I can guarantee you are also having problems in that area of your life.

Clutter means you aren’t making room for that part of your life…

Shoving stuff in drawers means you shove your talents away and forget about them… you are probably confused about what you want to do in life

Closets a mess? The area that closet falls in likely has problems you shove aside and don’t deal with.

The list goes on and on, by your space shows your inner turmoil. And the easiest way to deal with that turmoil is to start cleaning your spaces. Opportunities, people and ideas will start flowing in once you clean up your space.

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings now that I have cleaned up the shit that was covering my money area.

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My fear trigger

I have realized that overly friendly people trigger me to run more than snakes, spiders or rats. I’m like a feral cat when someone wants to make plans. I kinda want the pets… but I also want to hide under the nearest couch.

The reason this happens is that I recently did a 180 in the trajectory of my life. I realized I was 100% on the wrong path and one day I made a BIG change. It caught EVERYONE off guard. I consulted no one, I just did it. It was the best decision of my life.

What I was NOT prepared for was the dissonance in my relationships with friends. I quickly realized who my friends were and weren’t. Most made it very clear which side of my decision they were on. Those were the easy ones to let go of.

The harder relationships were the people who acted supportive, but who I could no longer tolerate. I felt guilty cutting them out or keeping them at arms length. It took me a LONG time to realize that I couldn’t tolerate them, because we weren’t in the same space vibrationally. They were supportive, which was great, but their decisions and comments were just not in alignment with me any more.

Now, when I meet people, I’m never sure if they are a test from the universe to see if I stand by my new self, or if I’m attracting them because they are part of my new path. I have realized this hesitation is ok. There is nothing wrong with taking time to get to know someone.

I have also realized that people have lost this art. They no longer have acquaintances. They feel like if they don’t spark with you immediately, then you aren’t their person.

Society is losing the deep connection. And I think this is why I’m like a feral cat when I meet people. I can’t do fake. I can’t do shallow. And I sure as hell will never allow toxic vampires in again.

So, if you are like me… it’s ok. It’s ok to take time before you spend extra time with people. It’s ok to not tell them your story. It’s not lying by omission. It’s simply preserving your authenticity until you know they deserve to see your brilliance.

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Life should be like Cheesecake

It should be so amazing that if you fall on your face, you STILL love it so much you would eat it off a community hallway. Life really is meant to be THAT amazing.

Now…. don’t feel overwhelmed. I’m not saying you need to win a Pulitzer, or Nobel Peace prize… but you should be so in love with the people and things in your life that nothing can get you down… for long. There should always be a flame of excitement no matter how gray a day you are having.

If there are people that constantly NEG you. You know the people. Backhanded compliments. Make sure to keep you “grounded”. Constantly bring up those things that you said in a low moment. Those people. Keep those people at arms length, and whatever you do, don’t tell them your dreams. They will make sure to tell you all the reasons you can’t have it. Stay away from them.

If there are parts of your job you don’t like, decide to make them fun. If you can’t, find a new job. Life is too short to spend 8 hours a day feeling like life is being sucked from you.

Basically, make sure all the parts of your life light you up. And if they don’t, make it so they do.



I have realized that my goal in life is more ease, yet, whenever one aspect of life becomes easier other forms of struggle pop up. I couldn’t figure out why. Then I took a another Andrea Hess class and it hit me.

I work super hard to get a new job that pays more, but it adds to my commute. I take a new turn in another place in life and I attract attention needy people who don’t offer an equal exchange of energy.

What I’ve never actually done though, is find a way to just bring “ease” to my life. So I’ve started jogging again, I had stopped because my longer commute took the time away (I enjoy running). I’ve started floating in my pool, gave each kid 1 more chore to make time for this. And I’ve made my back yard seating are inviting, because going out felt like a ridiculous splurge of wasted money.

So think to yourself, what word describes your dream, and what opposite word constantly shows up in your life. Now put more of your dream word in and watch the opportunities exponentially show up.

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I’m not going to lie. I feel like this sometimes. And when I do, I realize I have let my boundaries slip. Doing the intuitive work required for reading someone means, you need strong boundaries. This allows for a healthy relationship between reader and prospective and current clients.

People don’t want intuitive sticking their noses in their energy without permission, and intuitives need to keep their energy to themselves so that they aren’t drained.

I have had a client who’s make up was that which needed and wanted balance and no drama. The dysfunction of this make up is becoming overly concerned with situations that don’t directly affect you. She did not recognize this in herself. A few days later she called me. She had been on the phone with a friend and realized she was becoming extremely agitated because her friend wasn’t taking enough time for herself.

If you notice that you are constantly angry or frustrated by situations that aren’t yours, you may be letting your boundaries slip. You are draining energy in a way that helps no one.

I had it explained perfectly to me once. Imagine life is a garden. If we over tend a garden, vegetables will be stunted, we may pull plants versus weeds, or at worst we may use too many chemicals making the garden unsafe. Conversely, if we neglect our garden, we will let the weeds take over.

Finding a balance is necessary, and this means boundaries. We don’t need to fix anyone else. People need to vent, but that doesn’t make their problems ours to fix. Detached listening can be all that is necessary.

When I give a reading, I pretty much forget the details within a day. I have them written down to go over if needed, but I can’t recall them normally from memory. This is a healthy level of detachment.

If you are rehashing or telling other people’s stories over and over, you need to check your boundaries. Being too caught up in things that don’t concern you isn’t healthy for anyone.

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On the Go

I was making my morning coffee today and because I need to do yard work thought I should use my travel cup. But something in me screamed “NO!!!!”.

It set me back a bit, putting it in the travel mug meant fewer dishes and is more practical. But the my inner voice said, “That may be true, but 5 days a week you get your coffee on the run, relax”

This made me realize that sitting down with a cup of coffee really is a treat. Having to get in the car or go outside and work in the yard is just more of us being addicted to being busy.

So the yard work is going to wait an hour.