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New prices coming 3/2019

Get your reading now before it’s too much for you to handle! (Lol, sorry…..)

March marks the anniversary of me reading the akashic records! I can’t believe it! I’ve also done more than 50 readings. To mark this milestone, I will be raising my price to $100. Per reading.

Readings will come with a 3 or 6 month follow up for free. Children will be $25.00and spouses will be $50.00.

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energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive


I have often said that when I die, I want to come back as my cats. They love the most pampered life. They are loved, fed, well rested and rarely held against their will… for very long.

Their biggest stressor in life is deciding whether to lay in the window, or on the heat vent. In short… they don’t stress. They just assume their needs will be met, and they are.

We need to learn from them.

We spend so much time stressing about thing that we have no control over. It’s basically like we are praying for what we don’t want when we spend so much time and energy in our mind loops.

What would happen if we spent as much time and energy getting excited about what we want coming to fruition. If we planned for the outcome we want.

Stress and worry are natural. But touch them mentally and acknowledge they are coming from an honest place. A place that is trying to keep you safe. Then carry on, knowing that life will be good and you can handle anything. Then look forward to the next amazing opportunity coming your way.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

What Soul Alignment does

This is my glass collection. These are the pieces that fit a certain criteria. The right colors, shapes and pattern. And of all those out there, these pieces also go through a filter of 1) found in the wild (not eBay) 2) under a certain price 3) unique. This is the kind of filter soul alignment can give you for life changing decisions.

Soul alignment gives you a filter which you can use when making decisions. A basic guide as to whether something will be aligned or not. You probably think this should be obvious right?!

Due to our negative choices we make in life these “filters” get clogged up. Social norms, obligations and so forth clog the filters and obscure what our soul truly wants.

I am aligned to being conflict free… this means I would often say yes, when I should have said no. I would then get pulled in to situations where I was spinning my wheels, or being taken advantage of. That is until I found this course, was able to clear the blocks and restrictions and learned to follow my true North Star. Aka, my gut.

I can now tell immediately when something feels off, and I know these decisions won’t work for me. Now, I still want to avoid conflict, and sometimes say yes when I shouldn’t, but I know, and am not stuck wondering why I’m not attracting the life I want.

Want to know your true direction? And what blocks are standing in your way?! Schedule an appointment.

I only need your name, birthday, and birthplace. No sensitive information needed. And before you argue that I could use that to figure out passwords… let me tel you 1) I don’t want that karma and 2) I seriously don’t have the drive to scam people… I’d rather use that energy to do karmically aligned work.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

Let the Dust Settle

I’m being held captive by two purring cats, and Season 2 of the crown. My forced relaxation has stilled my body but not my mind.

I have come to the realization, that this past few weeks set backs are the universe’s way of testing my resolve. Additionally, they have been a lesson, showing me that I stir too much up at once.

I’m known for wanting everything done NOW! And if I don’t have help, I’ll do it all myself. If I hit a block, I put my head down and plow through. A great skill set right?! Yes and no.

I’ve realized that in my insanely short sighted goal focused ambition, I miss important details along the way.

I’ve been puzzling over why I seem to have minor oversights at work blow up disproportionately on me. I’ve been written up when I worked at a bank because my drawer was off .25 when I left for a vacation. They said I forced a balance. In reality I had counted a .50 piece as a quarter and my manager didn’t catch it and our policy was to not look for outages under 10.00. I’ve been fired for not learning something correctly, and doing it wrong 6 months in a row. And recently I missed an expedited shipping request that caused a lot of problems for a customer.

Individually, none of these mistakes are things only I have done. In reality they happen daily by everyone in the jobs I’ve done. But clearly for me, they are lessons I am to learn from. Otherwise they would not show up so dramatically for only me.

Today that lesson’s answer hit me. I need to be less big picture focused, and enjoy the details along the way. By doing this, I will not only live in the NOW more, but the outcome of my intentions will be more precise. Instead of taking two steps forward and one step back, I’ll actually advance two full steps.

Every time I fail to listen to my gut, the mistake is amplified. The three examples above had corresponding gut warnings that I over rode. In the case of not learning correctly, my gut had told me to email my understanding to my manager so that she would respond in writing versus verbally. I knew I didn’t understand the task well. So all I really need to do, is listen to my gut, my intuition. Check in with myself.

So. I assign this task to you. Write down 3 examples where small ordinary mistakes were amplified in your life, note if you had had that tickle in your mind that you ignored, and then this week, when you recognize that tickle, honor it. And see where you go. Track the outcome.

My guess is you will notice an amplified (or at the very lease noticeable) reward. You’ll get news you had hoped for, or a refund you didn’t expect. I bet something will happen to give you a pat on your back. Conversely, note how your ignoring that tickle backfired on you.

Our inner voice is like a shy child. Every time we listen to our inner voice, we give it strength and security so that it will speak up more quickly and louder next time. And each time we tell it to shut up, we make it quieter and less sure.

But it’s ironic that my lessons in “A Course in Miracles” was to live in the now, and it suddenly came together for me why my mistakes amplify. So listen, you’ll be amazed at how smart and lucky you really are

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive

One step forward, two steps back

Depending on how you look at this picture, this is my 13 pound cat using his 2 pound sister as a pillow and she’s too small to get away, or it’s my kitties snuggling in a loving way.

Being that the sister is a tiny ninja of destruction and the brother is a passive love bug, I’m going with they are snuggling and she’s not being held down against her will. But my point is, check in to make sure that what is happening in your life is truly what you want in life.

I’ve recently had a string of set backs due to this lack of authenticity. It seems like everything I buy is defective. It kind of got me down and feeling sorry for myself. But then I sat back and realized something. Each “set back” was an indication that I’m doing things I don’t really want to do. I’m doing “should’s” and convincing myself it’s what I truly want.

I sat down and made a list of each set back, and why I had bought it (or in some case just took that action) and the pattern was clear.

Sometimes on my path for an easier life, I give up authority and let others take over. Not that it’s healthy to be a control freak, but make sure you aren’t settling for inauthenticity just because it’s easy.

So now, I need to counter the should’s with desire. In some cases I need to stop the activity, in others I need to tweak my perception. And in a few cases I need to bring my own brand of style in to the picture.

From now on, I’m going to see set backs as road signs showing me that the path I’m choosing isn’t quite right. Not to say I need to totally change my route, but I certainly need to check in with myself and see what my real feelings are.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive


If we all took the same path life would be pretty shallow and crowded.

If you are wondering how you can make more choices that align with your true path, versus what your family, friends and society think you should do, sign up for an intuitive reading.

My readings tell you who you are at soul level. What decisions will bring more energy and abundance to your life, and how you’ve made decisions in the past (past lives also) that are keeping you stuck in lack.

akashic records, energy, karma, law of attraction, thrive


Why is it that whenever my kitten looks adorable, he starts licking himself when I grab the camera? Seriously. Every time. I of course always take the pic and send it to my sister so she can share in the awkwardness. But it did make me think.

1. I have noticed the more perfect someone’s social media seems, the more messed up their real life is,

2. While we should snap a pic (with us in the picture) to remember our kids at certain ages, beautiful memories or whatever, we really need to put the camera down and EXPERIENCE it in real time.

3. Maybe perfection truly is the imperfect pictures, the pic where everyone is making a face or where your cat decides he isn’t clean.

So today, when you take a pic or a selfie, truly appreciate that first shot for the realism it embodies. That is life. Let people see what really is. You might be surprised at how many people open up to you because you are real instead of perfect.

No one likes perfect people anyway.