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Are you Productive?

Are you manifesting productively? Do you find yourself confused about your intentions or your next step? Do you change your intentions more often than you brush your teeth? It’s probably because you are doing what you have been told you should do, but what doesn’t work for your unique makeup.

Similar to an astrology reading, you have multiple aspects of your soul’s personality that equate to you having a unique way of manifesting. Following others instructions MAY work, but there is an equal chance that what they do, won’t work for you.

For instance, the first characteristic of the blueprint is Similarity/Contrast. I am similarity and my husband is contrast. That means that all my super helpful advice that I have been trying to give him really isn’t ever going to work for him. I can fake it till I make it. I can surround myself with experiences similar to what I want (like a drink at a super nice hotel bar).

HE has to take TOTALLY new action to garner new result. He won’t even really see what he wants in his current state at all. He will notice what he doesn’t want or who he’s not like and strive to do differently. For him, at that nice bar with me, he would notice that he DOESN’T want to be that exhausted salesman at the bar who has clearly been on the road for too long.

There are 7 of these characteristics that make up your blueprint. And when combined together and taking your soul profile into account, you can get a very clear picture of what steps will lead you to manifesting the life you want and not the Pinterest fail you have been getting.

Sign up for a reading now! I know it will help you as much as it has helped me. And now that I understand, has helped my husband!

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