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I have often said that when I die, I want to come back as my cats. They love the most pampered life. They are loved, fed, well rested and rarely held against their will… for very long.

Their biggest stressor in life is deciding whether to lay in the window, or on the heat vent. In short… they don’t stress. They just assume their needs will be met, and they are.

We need to learn from them.

We spend so much time stressing about thing that we have no control over. It’s basically like we are praying for what we don’t want when we spend so much time and energy in our mind loops.

What would happen if we spent as much time and energy getting excited about what we want coming to fruition. If we planned for the outcome we want.

Stress and worry are natural. But touch them mentally and acknowledge they are coming from an honest place. A place that is trying to keep you safe. Then carry on, knowing that life will be good and you can handle anything. Then look forward to the next amazing opportunity coming your way.

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