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Let the Dust Settle

I’m being held captive by two purring cats, and Season 2 of the crown. My forced relaxation has stilled my body but not my mind.

I have come to the realization, that this past few weeks set backs are the universe’s way of testing my resolve. Additionally, they have been a lesson, showing me that I stir too much up at once.

I’m known for wanting everything done NOW! And if I don’t have help, I’ll do it all myself. If I hit a block, I put my head down and plow through. A great skill set right?! Yes and no.

I’ve realized that in my insanely short sighted goal focused ambition, I miss important details along the way.

I’ve been puzzling over why I seem to have minor oversights at work blow up disproportionately on me. I’ve been written up when I worked at a bank because my drawer was off .25 when I left for a vacation. They said I forced a balance. In reality I had counted a .50 piece as a quarter and my manager didn’t catch it and our policy was to not look for outages under 10.00. I’ve been fired for not learning something correctly, and doing it wrong 6 months in a row. And recently I missed an expedited shipping request that caused a lot of problems for a customer.

Individually, none of these mistakes are things only I have done. In reality they happen daily by everyone in the jobs I’ve done. But clearly for me, they are lessons I am to learn from. Otherwise they would not show up so dramatically for only me.

Today that lesson’s answer hit me. I need to be less big picture focused, and enjoy the details along the way. By doing this, I will not only live in the NOW more, but the outcome of my intentions will be more precise. Instead of taking two steps forward and one step back, I’ll actually advance two full steps.

Every time I fail to listen to my gut, the mistake is amplified. The three examples above had corresponding gut warnings that I over rode. In the case of not learning correctly, my gut had told me to email my understanding to my manager so that she would respond in writing versus verbally. I knew I didn’t understand the task well. So all I really need to do, is listen to my gut, my intuition. Check in with myself.

So. I assign this task to you. Write down 3 examples where small ordinary mistakes were amplified in your life, note if you had had that tickle in your mind that you ignored, and then this week, when you recognize that tickle, honor it. And see where you go. Track the outcome.

My guess is you will notice an amplified (or at the very lease noticeable) reward. You’ll get news you had hoped for, or a refund you didn’t expect. I bet something will happen to give you a pat on your back. Conversely, note how your ignoring that tickle backfired on you.

Our inner voice is like a shy child. Every time we listen to our inner voice, we give it strength and security so that it will speak up more quickly and louder next time. And each time we tell it to shut up, we make it quieter and less sure.

But it’s ironic that my lessons in “A Course in Miracles” was to live in the now, and it suddenly came together for me why my mistakes amplify. So listen, you’ll be amazed at how smart and lucky you really are

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