I have realized that my goal in life is more ease, yet, whenever one aspect of life becomes easier other forms of struggle pop up. I couldn’t figure out why. Then I took a another Andrea Hess class and it hit me.

I work super hard to get a new job that pays more, but it adds to my commute. I take a new turn in another place in life and I attract attention needy people who don’t offer an equal exchange of energy.

What I’ve never actually done though, is find a way to just bring “ease” to my life. So I’ve started jogging again, I had stopped because my longer commute took the time away (I enjoy running). I’ve started floating in my pool, gave each kid 1 more chore to make time for this. And I’ve made my back yard seating are inviting, because going out felt like a ridiculous splurge of wasted money.

So think to yourself, what word describes your dream, and what opposite word constantly shows up in your life. Now put more of your dream word in and watch the opportunities exponentially show up.

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