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Why is it that whenever my kitten looks adorable, he starts licking himself when I grab the camera? Seriously. Every time. I of course always take the pic and send it to my sister so she can share in the awkwardness. But it did make me think.

1. I have noticed the more perfect someone’s social media seems, the more messed up their real life is,

2. While we should snap a pic (with us in the picture) to remember our kids at certain ages, beautiful memories or whatever, we really need to put the camera down and EXPERIENCE it in real time.

3. Maybe perfection truly is the imperfect pictures, the pic where everyone is making a face or where your cat decides he isn’t clean.

So today, when you take a pic or a selfie, truly appreciate that first shot for the realism it embodies. That is life. Let people see what really is. You might be surprised at how many people open up to you because you are real instead of perfect.

No one likes perfect people anyway.

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