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I’m not going to lie. I feel like this sometimes. And when I do, I realize I have let my boundaries slip. Doing the intuitive work required for reading someone means, you need strong boundaries. This allows for a healthy relationship between reader and prospective and current clients.

People don’t want intuitive sticking their noses in their energy without permission, and intuitives need to keep their energy to themselves so that they aren’t drained.

I have had a client who’s make up was that which needed and wanted balance and no drama. The dysfunction of this make up is becoming overly concerned with situations that don’t directly affect you. She did not recognize this in herself. A few days later she called me. She had been on the phone with a friend and realized she was becoming extremely agitated because her friend wasn’t taking enough time for herself.

If you notice that you are constantly angry or frustrated by situations that aren’t yours, you may be letting your boundaries slip. You are draining energy in a way that helps no one.

I had it explained perfectly to me once. Imagine life is a garden. If we over tend a garden, vegetables will be stunted, we may pull plants versus weeds, or at worst we may use too many chemicals making the garden unsafe. Conversely, if we neglect our garden, we will let the weeds take over.

Finding a balance is necessary, and this means boundaries. We don’t need to fix anyone else. People need to vent, but that doesn’t make their problems ours to fix. Detached listening can be all that is necessary.

When I give a reading, I pretty much forget the details within a day. I have them written down to go over if needed, but I can’t recall them normally from memory. This is a healthy level of detachment.

If you are rehashing or telling other people’s stories over and over, you need to check your boundaries. Being too caught up in things that don’t concern you isn’t healthy for anyone.

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