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This quote is exactly how karma works. Your intentions (not just your thoughts, but the thoughts behind the actions you take) signal to the universe what it is you want. And the universe has no choice but to deliver.

Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you said to someone “how crazy can my ex be?!” And then they showed you exactly how crazy they are capable of being.

When you focus on the problems in your life, more problems will show up. This is because you are likely talking about the problems, taking actions based off these thoughts and all sorts of other subtle things showing the universe this is what you want.

Instead, try shifting your focus on the opportunities these problems are opening you up to. Think how the solution always pops up. The right people always show themselves.

Even if you are just taking a small leap of faith at first. Just try it.

If you are noticing all the problems follow the same pattern, this is the universe trying to show you a karmic block that you are ready to clear. Want to fast line clearing those blocks? Message me for an akashic record reading.

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