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I will admit, when I first heard of this modality, I was skeptical, but I was also desperate. Everything that the teacher said about her class though resonated fully with me.

I had followed enough spiritual blogs to know about the law of attraction and karma and keeping your vibe up. But what had always frustrated me was that I could feel that things were blocking me from my full potential, and I didn’t seem to be able to get around them fully.

When I took the class, and did my practice clients readings things began to happen. New paths were opening up, even before I had done my own reading!

It’s like suddenly it all made sense.

Karma carries from one incarnation to another. Negative karma (that which blocks or drains energy) acts like a smudge on a window. It can distort how you see things, and if bad enough can really affect how you see out.

While I’m still clearing these blocks for myself, I can feel them working.

Get a reading now and unblock the view of the path you are supposed to take. Stop struggling and wading through all those endless patterns that constantly show up. You will be surprised at how much lighter you feel and how opportunities will just show up.

Yes, life takes effort, but struggle is optional.

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