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Wondering why I chose the name of my website?

Because cheesecake is my favorite dessert. It’s decadent, creamy and doesn’t make me feel gross after I eat it. Making it takes effort, but isn’t super hard.

It’s how life should be. Smooth, and yummy.

It started as a healthy living website. I had noticed so many people running on the sides of busy roads at 5 am in the rain and wondered to myself “Are they really enjoying this?” I began to realize that people felt their work outs should be hard and hurt. That their diets should be bland.

That’s not a sustainable lifestyle.

So when I discovered the Akashic Records, it really fit in with this philosophy. Of course hard work outs, and life struggles will lead to weight loss and us figuring out blocks on our own. But there really is an easier, faster way.

In both weight loss and life, hard doesn’t mean better. In fact, in weight loss, if you aren’t enjoying your workout, studies have shown they are less effective than if you are able to really engage with what you are doing.

I’ve included a link to my blog. I’ve been writing on it for a few years, which I fully credit for leading me to this path. Because over all, the pattern in my posts is that while the struggle is real, it’s optional.


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